Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Most Amazing Experience Ever!

It was the most amazing customer service experience ever! 6 months ago I visited BJ’s restaurant in Laurel, MD. Our waiter was Darian. When I have great service I note their name in my iPhone. I live in NC so my chances of having Darian as a waiter again were very slim.

Recently family business brought me back into the area. We were lucky enough to get a table in Darian’s area. I was amazed that he not only remembered us but also where we sat 6 months ago.

As our meal progressed Darian brought out a hat. “You left this when you were here last. I had it in my locker just in case you returned.”

This was a rare moment when I was at a loss for words. What an exceptional experience not only to be remembered but to hold onto something until I might return. 

So if you drop by BJ’s in Laurel, MD tell Darian “Hello” for me. Enjoy his exceptional service.

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