Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Common Mistake

Ever send an email that someone urgently requested and not know if it made it in time? A common customer service mistake is to not acknowledge an email. Your customer has no idea if you have received it. Sometimes all it takes is a simple “Thank You” to an email.

I have had many requests for information. Often folks are in a hurry to receive the information. After emailing it to them I never hear back. They needed it. It was important. But they couldn’t take the few seconds to let me know it did not get caught in a spam filter or it has washed up on a beach. This requires me to send a follow up email to confirm they received it.

Someone in my customer service course said he did not have time to acknowledge all his emails. He received over 150 a day. The reality - it takes very little time to simply say “Thank you” to a customer. Most importantly it is very important to the customer to hear that you received their email.

Avoid the common mistake and acknowledge your customers’ emails.