Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Tip for a Tip

Smile about this tip. A basic customer service skill is to smile when you talk to someone on the phone. Why? Your voice has a more pleasant tone when you smile.
Now here’s a tip about that tip. Reinforce using your smile with a mirror. Many folks who talk with their customers on the phone will keep a small mirror nearby. They will see themselves on the phone and discover whether they are smiling. 
Another tip for this tip is to post a smiley face nearby. Instead of a mirror some folks stick a smiley face where they can see it when they are on the phone.
Smile when you are on the phone and watch yourself smile. A simple tip that will make a difference for your customers.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello! Customer service is about building relationships. When folks enter your space “Hello” says you recognize them. In most cases this is best. Some retail stores greet you with, “Can I help you?” Most of the time your answer is “No”. This ends the relationship.
“Hello” starts the relationship. When someone wants more information they know who to ask. 
I was volunteering at a conference to give directions & assistance to attendees. I stood on one side of the hall while my peer stood on the other. He held a big sign that said “Ask Me.” I simply said “Hello” to folks who passed me. I had 5 times more questions that my co-worker. “Hello” starts the relationship.